Known 'Bugs' - Issues

Jun 10, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Hi all

I found some 'bugs' when installing Catharsis guidance. There are in fact troubles on other side then Catharsis one. I do believe it can help you:


1) Web project compiler says somthing like:

Error 1 The command "del C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Company.Product\Project.Web\Company.Product.Web\bin\ /q" exited with code 1. Company.Product.Web

This is caused via the path with WHITE SPACES!

Web project has post and prebuilt events to delete old and download new "NOT" referenced projects (NHibernate, Firm.Product.Data etc.)

This events are menaged via commands using VS variables:

del $(SolutionDir)Project.Web\$(SolutionName).Web\$(OutDir) /q

BUT: This means that in your path cannot contain any  WHITE SPACES!!! 'del' syntax must be like 'del \\server\path' without any space


Put Catharsis solution in the path like d:\Workspaces\MyTes\Firm.Product\


2) Everything builds OK until there are some blames on System.Web.Mvc or System.Web.Routing ...

It is usually caused by the fact, that you have installed some previous ASP.NET MVC (BETA or Preview 4. 5 ...)


Assure (via add or remove programms) that there are no older ASP.NET MVC installed!

Catharsis do not need any of them. But if you've installed ASP.NET MVC 1.0  - the final release - everything will be OK



Sorry for these troubles...

But life is much more funny when you find out the damn bug, isn't it? :)



Radim Köhler

Jun 17, 2009 at 7:44 AM

Radim Köhler

17.6.2009 Some fixes were applied to the 1.2 release - you should take latest version...

1) Latest 'build' and 'source code' provides adjusted PRE and POST build scripts

(it would be able to run del and copy even in the folder structure with white spaces in names)

2) References among projects are fixed, so you can now navigate to definition (was not working in 9.6.2009 build)

3) Adjusted CSS - a bit simpler and more effective (e.g. fore Smart web controls which are using DIV/INPUT for rendering detail and edit)

4) Gudiance code generator for SearchWC automatically appends AdjustListWC (nice for user to set row count and target of the detail)


Those are mainly small adjustments

But they can make your life easier ... :)


Enjoy Catharsis

Radim Köhler