Short feedback on my experience

Aug 15, 2009 at 9:20 PM


I have played with catharsis for a week and I like the general architecture of the solution. It was somewhat difficult for me to understand the different layers but slowly it becomes clear. I think it is neccessary to expand on the documentation. I will try to contribute in that area, as soon as I find some time.

In general I want to thank Radim for the good work.


Kind regards


Aug 16, 2009 at 9:17 AM

Hi Benno

Thanks a lot for your notes! I know that there is a big gap in documentation and I would like to change it. If you can do anything in this way (e.g. start tu publish some articles) it would be tremendous help.

I am glad that you've spent some time with the Catharsis framework - in practice. And I am looking forward any contribution you'll do, to be published also here as a link...

Great. Enjoy Catharsis and believe me, it will quickly help you develop any time of application based on pure HTML, CSS and .NET without any balast like web-forms, bought third-party WebControls (with horrible performance), datatables and dataadapters etc.


Benno, thanks you've made this note! Perfect.

Radim Köhler


PS: coming soon:  next version of Catharsis will provide more simple and powerfull HTML and CSS. Supporting all browsers (Chrome, Opera, FF, IE7+) with only one HTML and CSS declaration !!!