Catharsis 1.2

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Released: Jun 9, 2009
Updated: Sep 7, 2009 by Radim
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Application Catharsis.msi 1.2 (VS08 SP1, C# + VB.NET, GAE)
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Source Code Catharsis 1.2 (VS08 SP1, C# + VB.NET, GAE) - source code
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Example Powerful Example
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Release Notes

Latest documented tutorial by David O'Sullivan

Catharsis 1.2.5

This release is dedicated to Tomáš Kukolt, who's knowledge and ideas vitalized the spirit of the Catharsis framework
Web application framework, the best practice gathering OOP multi-tier architecture
  1. NHibernate 2.1 RC1 (LinFu proxies)
  2. ASP.NET MVC 1.0
  1. VS 2008, .NET 3.5 SP1, C# & VB.NET for LinqToXml
  2. the best-practices OOP architecture
  3. powerful Guidance
    1. for new solution
    2. adding new entity (Persistent, CodeList, ICodeList...)
    3. adding MVC only for non-entity handling (Report, Documentation, Import...)

Version 1.2.5
  • AOP Url Filter - you can extend each generated link with some parameters in one place (AopUrlFilter). Each opened window then can for example has different MasterPage (this solution provides fix to another System.Web.Mvc design failure)
  • AOP filters checks if the result is using MasterPage. If not filter is skipped (e.g. no need to fill treeview data source, if tree view is not used)

Version 1.2
  • Serializable session - all items (entities and search objects) are 'Serializable' (ready for web-farming)
  • Prototype desing pattern in action (every IEntityFacade<T> provides CreateNew<T>() - you are managing entity incubator on one place)
  • User friendly List view allows opening detail/edit in a new window. Row count per page adjustable for every entity on search screen
  • Pre-created skeleton for Unit Tests (use them!)
  • Performance increase - lazy loading for Facades, Models, Daos - only when needed (Lazy Locator design pattern for Getters)
  • Native support for MultiOption list in smart binder
  • CodeLists abilities extended (using smallint and tinyint as ID)
  • application automated Recovery when SQL server restarts
  • AOP for logging tracks the session size!
  • More efficient and simplified ApplicationRole provider (same for external providers via CommonRoleProvider)
  • DAO Methods for extending search criteria moved to extensions
  • powerful unit tests structure for every entity

Version 1.0.1
  • New WebControls for MVC (no more HtmlHelpers with growing count of extension methods ) (fix to System.Web.Mvc design failure called HtmlHelper)
  • Powerful ToDisplay() method for decimal. int, DateTime (thousand separators)
  • IE 8 compliant
  • New Smart Binders (formated values: decimal, int, datetime are correctly bounded culture dependent)
  • Improved static object locking
  • Global.asax only sets suffix ".mvc" for routing. (Set it to ".ashx" on hosted servers)

Documented tutorial stories

Enjoy Catharsis
Radim Köhler

Reviews for this release

I have done some research on the net on MVC frameworks and this one worked best for me. It has a clean architecture and although it generates a lot of code it's not limiting one in how to write code. It needs much more documentation though and I will try to contribute in that area, when I'm more experienced with the framework.
by benno on Aug 15, 2009 at 9:26 PM
I like the fact that the Guidance can be used to quickly generate a CRUD application using relatively simple code but the application will still be based on a very robust architecture. Having used Catharsis for a project recently I now plan to help with the documentation and publish some step by step guides to allow people to quickly set the framework up and see the benefits for themselves.
by DavidOSullivan on Jun 18, 2009 at 2:40 PM