Catharsis 4.0.2

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Released: Nov 11, 2011
Updated: Nov 11, 2011 by Radim
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Release Notes

Catharsis 4.0 (download here) - Web-application framework, OOP, best practices, proven multi-tier Architecture (5-tier): (SQL or XML is persitence, DAO as the only access point to get/store data, Facades as the only place for Business rules validation, MVC pattern (Views on the RAZOR only) and UI (HTML, CSS and JQuery).

IMPORTANT: Code contracts must be installed, to use Catharsis.
(This feature extends C# ability on the design-checks battle field, e.g. null references...)

4.0.2 Changeset
UI - left menu changed to accordion
UI - user can adjust the width of the left column
IsEqual extension introduced as a shortcut value.Equals(toBeCompared, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase); returns false if toBeCompared is null
Xml Dao extension value.IsEqual(toBeComapred) renamed to value.IsExact(toBeComapred). returns true if toBeCompared is null
Business tier finally does not reference the Core project ProjectBase.Data

A versioning of the Catharsis framework was adjusted to follow the .NET version in the Major release number (4.)
The latest release was refactored, simplified, cleaned. StructureMap 2.6 is there as a IoC container (doing the same job as the Catharsis built in IoC).
UI got a new a bit more fancy face-lift, delivered in the default CSS.

OpenXML 2 for edting MS Office 2007 files (object oriented approach).
Every entity, can be exported to MS Excel 2007 and
can be from the same file IMPORTED back.

Also there is a MS Word 2007++ generator, based on document templates and bookmarks. Pass the document (in MS Word 2007 format) with bookmarks, and entity to be inserted - get the filled result.

The Catharsis framework has finally its own portal

The Catharsis framework 4.0: a brand new OOP approach on the UI
.NET 4.0
Razor (MVC 3.0)
NHibernate 3.2

Do you agree that HtmlHelper is a design failure? Do you prefer OOP approach on UI as well as on any other layer?
Do you like simple but powerful syntax?

Taste the Catharsis 5.5:
    new Fieldset("className", "Person")
       new DefinitionList(PercentForLabel.p30)
            new TextOrInput().SetSourceProperty(() => Model.Item.FirstName),
            new TextOrInput().SetSourceProperty(() => Model.Item.LastName),

and the result:
<fieldset class="className"><legend>Person</legend><div>

  <dl class="p50" >
    <dt><label>First name</label></dt>
    <dd><input name="FristName"></dd>

    <dt><label>Last name</label></dt>
    <dd><input name="LastName"></dd>


Sample entities in every newly created solution, will show you how to built your application (SimpleEntity, ComplexEntity).

Catharsis 4.0
.NET Wiki Parser II.
.NET 4.0 (C# 4.0)
VS 2010! (GAX 2010)
NHibernate 3.2
ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Razor
Covariance & contra-variance simplified the Object Model (this .NET 4.0 feature was awaiting from the Catharsis origin...)
Object Factory injects proxies, support for cross reference A.B and B.A
Named and default parameters reduced code
All service objects can persist in XML (Support for legacy applications with rigid database)
Wiki .NET Parser, documentation and publishing
Large support for decimal, guid, long ... IDs (default is int)
Validation Rules, UI validation running on JQuery.validation: single point of rules declaration (NO ATTRIBUTES!!!)
Enjoy the Catharsis 5.5

Radim Köhler

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