Catharsis 0.9.5

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Released: Dec 10, 2008
Updated: Dec 16, 2008 by Radim
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Release Notes

Catharsis 0.9.5

breaking release (95% from Catharsis 1.0 is done)

Complete, best practices gathering, Web application framework

Based on
- Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 + ASP.NET MVC (BETA)
- NHibernate 2.0

Nothing else needed, All other stuff is provided directly by Catharsis framework and Catharsis guidance. The core libraries are named ProjectBase to allow smoother introduction to your organization. Catharsis is Open Source.
  • Catharsis Architecture is fundamentally OOP
  • Contains TreeView - (First) 100% MVC WebControl
  • Provides direct built-in Export to Excel for every entity
  • Navigation is managed in one simple Menu.Config xml file
  • Menu.Config xml file (same as for navigation) provides Access-rights settings
  • Guidance creates: Complete Web Solution on-one-click
  • Guidance creates: Entity infrastructure at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Model, Controller, View, Test)
  • Guidance creates: Entities can be common (Persistent) or Tracked
  • Guidance creates: Entity's infrastructure without MVC at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Test)
  • Guidance creates: CodeList infrastructure at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Model, Controller, View, Test)
  • Guidance creates: MVC for not-entity handling e.g. Reports, Documentation (Model, Controller, View,)
  • New extension methods for object .Is() and .IsNull() (no more 'entity != null')
  • Messages collection introduced (replacing ErrorData) with Error, Warning and Information states
  • Translator provides sorting on translated-phrases, also searching
  • UI Layout improved (TreeView as navigation, Quick actions as Icons)
  • Master page reorganized to parts and their smart but small web controls
  • Strong support for KEY shortcuts (Almost every action can be ran as ShiftAltF = find/search)
  • Paging is essence of performance - every entity is by default displayed as a list - max rows == 20
  • Paging miracle on detail level. User's can navigate to Next or Previous entity
  • CodeLists extended with IsVisible attribute, which is applied on the GetAll() method (source for comboboxes
  • Direct built-in support for Files uploading (any Content-Type) and quick download (based on contentType browser can decide who will open)
  • Every entity Derives from base class: Add, Update, Select, Delete
  • Entity displayed in the List can be sorted by any property (e.g. Subject.Address.City)
  • Override one method ListToExcel() and you can gain direct export to excel for every entity
  • Constants placed in Str class reorganized. Every entity should use Str.Business.Entity constants
  • Base classes moved from project to the ProjectBase
  • Base Models now contains other Models (Composition) e.g. TreeViewModel, ListModel, MasterModel ...
  • Two controllers bases - Entity (for Persistent and Tracked entities) and Web (form MVC like Reports, Documentation)
  • Interfaces for Controllers and Facades extended with setters for DI
  • Object Factory rewritten to Factory provider method to allow simple addon like Spring.NET...
  • ... and many more ...

Enjoy Catharsis
Radim Köhler

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