Catharsis 0.9.8

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Released: Mar 3, 2009
Updated: Mar 5, 2009 by Radim
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Source Code Catharsis 0.9.8 - only GAE + GAT for VS2008 needed
source code, 3212K, uploaded Mar 4, 2009 - 278 downloads

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Application Catharsis.msi 0.9.8 - only GAE needed
application, 2006K, uploaded Mar 4, 2009 - 254 downloads
Example Catharsis 0.9.8 - Example - new SQL scripts included
example, 2482K, uploaded Mar 2, 2009 - 274 downloads

Release Notes

Catharsis 0.9.8 - ASP.NET MVC RC1 & NHibernate 2.0.1

The best-practices gathering web application framework

smaller extensions of the Guidance 'run-time recipes' can follow in next days
version 0.9.8 fixes bugs from BaseFacade 0.9.5 - upgrade is MUST
basic SQL Scripts changed!
  • Catharsis Architecture is fundamentally OOP
  • Contains TreeView - (First) 100% MVC WebControl
  • Provides direct built-in Export to Excel for every entity
  • Navigation is managed in one simple Menu.Config xml file. New, simple more granular settings for access rights.
  • Menu.Config xml file (same as for navigation) provides Access-rights settings
  • Contains ASP.NET MVC RC1 (no need to install)
  • NHiberante build 2.0.1 Included (no need to install)
  • Fixed crucial Bug on BaseFacade (incorrect event handler causing the run out of memory )
  • ASP.NET ResourceProvider implemented (ResourceManager.GetLocalize() serves also for Global and Local Resources)
  • Now implemented - Log4NET available on any object in the application this.Log(). No wrapping, direct access to Log4Net full power.
  • Now implemented - External RoleProvider support. Mark your RoleProvider as default, and CommonProvider will use it interface to provide IAppRoleProvider functionality - easy to use
  • Now implemented - NHibernate SysCache built-in support
  • easy & powerful -HyperLinks strong support. Every entity nested in another is directly accessible - with hyperlink. User can quickly navigate.
  • easy & powerful -Browser Back button support for all actions
  • easy & powerful -Built in ReadOnly switch (Set controller as readonly in Menu.config for some role - NO write action will be available).
  • DAO Factory will automatically recyle when DB shortly breaks down
  • ...

Catharsis 0.9.5:
  • Guidance creates: Complete Web Solution on-one-click
  • Guidance creates: Entity infrastructure at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Model, Controller, View, Test)
  • Guidance creates: Entity's infrastructure without MVC at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Test)
  • Guidance creates: CodeList infrastructure at one run (Entity, Data, Business, Model, Controller, View, Test)
  • Guidance creates: MVC for not-entity handling e.g. Reports, Documentation (Model, Controller, View,)
  • New extension methods for object .Is() and .IsNull() (no more 'entity != null')
  • Messages collection introduced (replacing ErrorData) with Error, Warning and Information states
  • Translator provides sorting on translated-phrases, also searching
  • UI Layout improved (TreeView as navigation, Quick actions as Icons)
  • Master page reorganized to parts and their smart but small web controls
  • Strong support for KEY shortcuts (Almost every action can be ran as ShiftAltF = find/search)
  • Paging is essence of performance - every entity is by default displayed as a list - max rows == 20
  • Paging miracle on detail level. User's can navigate to Next or Previous entity
  • CodeLists extended with IsVisible attribute, which is applied on the GetAll() method (source for comboboxes
  • Direct built-in support for Files uploading (any Content-Type) and quick download (based on contentType browser can decide who will open)
  • Every entity Derives from base class: Add, Update, Select, Delete
  • Entity displayed in the List can be sorted by any property (e.g. Subject.Address.City)
  • Override one method ListToExcel() and you can gain direct export to excel for every entity
  • Constants placed in Str class reorganized. Every entity should use Str.Business.Entity constants
  • Base classes moved from project to the ProjectBase
  • Base Models now contains other Models (Composition) e.g. TreeViewModel, ListModel, MasterModel ...
  • Two controllers bases - Entity (for Persistent and Tracked entities) and Web (form MVC like Reports, Documentation)

Enjoy Catharsis
Radim Köhler

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